About Me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Samuel Pedro.

This website is an outlet for my creative thoughts and ideas. Currently, I am focusing on reading, writing, recording videos about books I love, and making music. All of these pursuits I will add to this website.

About Me

I live in Mesa, Arizona. I am a husband and a father of two sons. I’m a CPA and work as a revenue accountant with a public company in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I have another blog https://untiltheperfectday.com where I write about spiritual topics…well eventually I’ll upload something). I am also 1/2 Native American (1/4 Apache and 1/4 Tohono O’odham)

My hobbies include the following; learning, reading, writing, running, playing basketball, writing music, following the Utah Jazz, spending time with my family, creating beautiful Excel spreadsheets, and building websites.

I started a new website called Grow Your Library (https://growyourlibrary.com/) in 2022. I will be posting every day in 2022 about books. The goal of the website is to help others grow their library by finding great books!


I love reading. I read a lot growing up but didn’t read as frequently while I was in college. In 2018, I decided I wasn’t going to push reading off anymore and set a goal to read 100 books in 2018 – I ended up reading 104. Each year, I continue to set ambitious reading goals.

With all this reading, I worried that I was not thinking about what I read deeply enough. Reading two books a week provides a constant stream of thoughts and new ideas. Through writing, I hope to think about what I’m reading in a more meaningful way. Hopefully, I can also help others find an interesting book to read or to learn something worthwhile.


In early 2020, I started recording book reviews and uploading them on YouTube. I uploaded 2 or 3 and forgot about them. A few months later, I noticed people were actually watching them, so I decided to make more. I’ve had a lot of fun making them, and think it’s a great medium to get my thoughts out about the books I’m reading.

Check out my channel!


For me, music is the most natural way to express myself. It comes easy and I’ve been playing music for most of my life. When I pick up an instrument my inclination is to create my own music. I have hundreds of song ideas and fragments recorded on my phone. Unfortunately, I’m not good at finishing the songs I write. I will use this website as a place to host my music. The plan is this will motivate me to polish and record more of the songs I have written.

I had a band when I was in college called Likelihood. The music we recorded can be found on this site as well.

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