Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt | Book Summary and Review


I’ve read many books about the business world of Silicon Valley. There is one name mentioned frequently in these works; Bill Campbell. The biggest names in tech are associated with his name. Jobs, Bezos, Page, and Brin. These leaders looked to Campbell as a coach and mentor.

Trillion Dollar Coach, by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, is all about the mythical Bill Campbell. The title is a reference to the value of companies he has helped coach.

The book comes in two parts, a biographical sketch of Campbell’s life, and examples of his Leadership teachings.

The best part of Trillion Dollar Coach is learning a little about Bill Campbell’s history. Beyond that, the book struggled to hold my attention. I wish it was more biographical in nature. I think I would have learned more if it was. There were a few anecdotes that were outstanding, but overall I don’t think the book was structured well. 

You can purchase Trillion Dollar Coach from Amazon here.

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