Books Read in 2019

I read 97 books in 2019.

The 10 Best Books I Read in 2019:

  • Bad Blood – John Carreyrou
  • Born to Run – Christopher McDougall
  • Business Adventures – John Brooks
  • Master of the Senate – Robert A. Caro
  • Means of Ascent – Robert A. Caro
  • Sam Walton: Made in America – Sam Walton
  • The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North
  • The Path to Power – Robert A. Caro
  • The Power Broker – Robert A. Caro
  • The Ride of a Lifetime – Bob Iger

2019 Reading List:

A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman

A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments – David Foster Wallace

Above The Line – Urban Meyer

Algorithms to Live By – Brian Christian

All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience – Neal A. Maxwell

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup – John Carreyrou

Beyond Basketball: Coach K’s Keywords for Success – Mike Krzyzewski

Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World – Tom Wright & Bradley Hope

Born to Run – Christopher McDougall (Read Twice)

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon – Kenny Moore

Business Adventures – John Brooks

Call Sign Chaos – Jim Mattis

Cannery Row – John Steinbeck

Cat’s Cradle – Kurt Vonnegut

Chess Opening Names – Nathan Rose

Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau

Consider the Lobster and Other Essays – David Foster Wallace

Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dark Force Rising – Timothy Zahn

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – Phillip K. Dick

Driven: An Autobiography – Larry H. Miller (Read Twice)

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness – Scott Jurek

Einstein – Walter Isaacson

Emerson: The Mind on Fire – Robert D. Richardson

Finding Ultra – Rich Roll

Flowers For Algernon – Daniel Keyes

Go Forward with Faith: The Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley – Gordon B. Hinckley

Going Clear – Lawrence Wright

Good to Great – Jim Collins

Heir To The Empire – Timothy Zahn

How Will You Measure Your Life? – Clayton m. Christensen

I Love Capitalism!: An American Story – Ken Langone

I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring – Henry J. Eyring

Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft – Paul Allen

Insights from a Prophet’s Life: Russell M. Nelson – Sheri Dew

Jack: Straight from the Gut – Jack Welch

John Adams (Abridged) – David McCullough

Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton

Killing Floor – Lee Child

Larry H. Miller: Behind the Drive – Bryan Miller

Linchpin – Seth Godin

Master of the Senate – Robert A. Caro

Means of Ascent – Robert A. Caro

Measure What Matters – John Doerr

Napoleon: A Life – Andrew Roberts

North – Scott Jurek

On Tyranny – Timothy Snyder

Outliers: The story of Success – Malcolm Gladwell

Principles: Life and Work – Ray Dalio

Pulphead – John Jeremiah Sullivan

Revenge of the Sith – Matthew Stover

Sam Walton: Made In America – Sam Walton (Read Twice)

Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

Slaughterhouse-Five – Kurt Vonnegut

Specter of the Past – Timothy Zahn

Star Wars: Thrawn – Timothy Zahn

Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson

String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis – David Foster Wallace

Temple and Cosmos: Beyond This Ignorant Present – Hugh Nibley

The Apache Wars – Paul Andre Hutton

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine – Michael Lewis

The Blessing Way – Tony Hillerman

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon – Brad Stone

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North

The Giver – Lois Lowry

The Goal – Eliyahu M. Goldratt

The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers – Maxwell King

The Industries of the Future – Alec Ross

The Innovators – Walter Isaacson

The Last Command – Timothy Zahn

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 – Lawrence Wright

The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei – John Stevens

The Passage of Power – Robert A. Caro

The Path to Power – Robert A. Caro

The Power Broker – Robert A. Caro

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business – Charles Duhigg

The Productivity Project – Chris Bailey

The Ride of a Lifetime – Bob Iger

The Right Stuff – Tom Wolfe

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t – Nate Silver

The Sirens of Titan – Kurt Vonnegut (Read Twice)

The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle

Things That Matter – Charles Krauthammer

Thrawn: Alliances – Timothy Zahn

Thrawn: Treason – Timothy Zahn

Understanding Japan: A Cultural History – Mark Ravina

What Every Body Is Saying – Joe Navarro

Women and the Priesthood – Sheri Dew

Working – Robert A. Caro